Football and Dataviz: analyze all results of the women’s world cup

The FIFA women’s world cup started on June 7th and the final is scheduled for July 7th. Our experts realized a Data Visualization on results. Presentation and explanation.

#DATA: 7 hot topics for 2019

The year 2019 looks promising, more than ever driven by Data. What are specifically the trends and topics to track? Here our videos to find out the answers with images!

Comment le port d'Anvers optimise sa logistique avec la Data Science ?

How is the Port of Antwerp optimising logistics with data science?

Looking for fast, intelligent exploitation of its mass of data, the Port of Antwerp turned to Business & Decision to optimise and secure the safety and efficiency of its maritime transport. A report.

Comment déployer le Social Selling à grande échelle ?

Social selling: Using LinkedIn to boost sales

The use of social networks by professions has increased so fast in recent years that a new discipline, social selling, has rapidly emerged to become a key tool in B2B.

Cartographie et Open Data : comprendre les bases pour votre business

Mapping and open data: understanding the bases for your business

Open data and data science today enable us to analyse geographical data by measuring interactions that could otherwise only be modelled with great difficulty. Demonstration.

Marketing et Intelligence artificielle : les 7 tendances du moment

Marketing and artificial intelligence: seven current trends

Over recent years we have seen a steady increase in the powers of artificial intelligence(AI). Every sector is affected, to a greater or lesser extent. But there is (and will continue to be) one on which will have a massive impact: marketing.

CRM et Intelligence artificielle : comment développer et optimiser vos données ?

CRM and artificial intelligence: how to develop and optimise your data

We are launching a series of three articles setting out our current vision of digital projects connected with customer relations. In this first article we will investigate the current trends for enriching a CRM and how to optimise data quality.

Les enjeux de la géolocalisation de précision en intérieur

Geolocalisation of precision in interior where are we really

When we talk about geolocation we immediately think of GPS and all the services it has enabled for over 20 […]

Retail : 10 conseils pour améliorer l'expérience d'achat

10 tips to improve the shopping experience

Against a background of ever-keener commercial competition, the shopping experience has become one of the new differentiating features. The shopping […]

Les données dans le media online

What’s new in the use of data for online media?

Today, everyone agrees that data is fundamental to a business from any point of view. Purchasing online space is no […]