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Data is a major company asset. Mastering the collection, analysis & processing of data offers a significant competitive advantage for companies. In addition, Data is a key element to empower & drive Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our data and AI experts discussed how to implement a data centric strategy. They considered the corporate culture to be developed as well as the methods and tools to achieve a data-centric strategy enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, which will, ultimately, convert data into value.

Data Science leverages data and uses the most advanced technologies and algorithms to create knowledge and drive predictions. By developing analytical models, it makes possible to explain, predict and automate decisions. Data Science is the root for Artificial Intelligence and its uses are exploding. There are many disciplines that are related to Data Science: Artificial Intelligence, which includes Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Statistics, Data Preparation, Data Visualisation (Dataviz).

Data Marketing, or Data-Driven Marketing, is the analysis and use of data in order to carry out effective and personalised marketing actions, through the optimised targeting of prospects and customers. Data Marketing tools have now reached their maturity, and Business & Decision’s experts can support you in implementing such solutions. How can you go one step beyond? By combining a perfect control of your data with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Digitalization has created an increasing number of new uses and is contributing to innovation. Digital transformation has become a must for companies & organizations, and also affects people in their private and professional spheres. Another key element of the digital world is connected objects. The data collected by the Internet of Things (IoT) is exponential, and efficient use of this data can yield high value.

Data Protection has become a vital issue for companies in just a few years. Data, well known as being the oil of the 21st century, is a major source of growth and must be safeguarded. The Information System (IS) is thus at the core of the organisations’ economic activity. Persisting threats, the increase of cyber attacks and the need to comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), make IT security a major issue for all organizations.

There are many technologies for implementing Big Data and AI. With a preponderance of the open-source eco-system (around Apache Hadoop), the domain is very innovative. NoSQL databases (MongoDB, HBase, CouchDB or Redis for example), application architectures (Data Lake), cloud infrastructures, integration tools (Talend, Nifi…), tools and languages for data science and AI (Python, Scala, Knime, Dataiku…), data virtualization, in-memory… Technologies are multiplying and choices can be bewildering. Discover the fundamentals of available technologies, and take advantage of our tutorials dedicated to Data tools and languages.