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If there is one topic that really ignites passion and fuels all ideas and discussions in the world of new technologies, it’s Artificial Intelligence. What are the opportunities for enterprises? How to launch AI projects? What are the best practices, benefits, and risks? You will find all the answers in this white paper, available and instructive for all.

Artificial Intelligence Whitepaper

AI must stay a tool in service of people

Ardent supporters maintain that it is the biggest technological advancement since the invention of the steam engine, while detractors claim it marks the end of individual and collective freedoms. AI has its risks, there’s no doubt about it. Our role is to highlight them, mitigate them and provide warnings if necessary.
But we cannot lose sight of the fact that AI is a tool that must stay in service of people.
We firmly believe that the risks can be assessed, and the pitfalls avoided, for organisations in particular, when the principles of responsibility, ethics and inclusions are at the heart of AI projects. The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are countless and still under-acknowledged.

AI in companies: key figures

Did you know…

  • Global spending is expected to double over the next four years to exceed 110 billion dollars in 2024
  • By transforming their organisation to better prepare their employees for human-machine collaboration, businesses could increase their turnover by 38%.

AI represents a major challenge for companies’ transformation and all organisations will benefit from it. However, the ethical use of AI is crucial.  

What you will find in this whitepaper

  • What really is artificial intelligence: function & learning
  • Use cases and best practices
  • Challenges / Benefits / Risks
  • Full Data Science and AI Glossary
  • Evaluation table to self-evaluate your company AI maturity
  • Tips for companies to speed up their AI strategy

This white paper has been produced with our best experts and exclusive testimonials such as Luc Julia (Samsung Electronics & Siri Co-creator) and Françoise Soulié Fogelman (Scientific Advisor – Hub FranceIA).

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