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The interest of companies in UX Design is growing and becoming necessary for companies. The aim is to constantly improve the relationship between man and machine through interaction. Why is UX Design is so important when we implement a new digital product? Our UX Design Expert, Jérémy Goldyn in our podcast will shed light on this topic.

What makes a great UX Designer?

Beyond the simple satisfaction of getting a service or product, the new user, the one who has grown up with digital has become demanding in simplicity & newness. UX Design, means User eXperience design, so the experience the user will have with the product & service. We are now putting the consumers/user before the product.

Business & Decision Expert Podcast strives to answer business questions in the domain of Data & Digital. For this episode, we will discuss about UX Design and why this expertise is more and more important in our digital age. For this episode Gerrit Denayer, Business & Decision Marketing Director interviewed Jérémy Goldyn, UX Design Consultant & Expert.

 What we will discuss in this podcast episode:

  • What is UX Design and how can we define a good UX Designer?
  • What are the differences between UX and UI
  • Why UX Design is  key for companies to stand out from competition?
  • What are the common mistakes for companies when they start new digital projects?
  • How new technologies(AI, augmented reality or voice command etc…) could impact UX Design in the future?

Listen to the podcast:

Gerrit: So you, as a UX designer, you really are in between the end user and the developer of the application where you basically have to make sure that you understand what the business user wants. What the requirements are. But you also understand how the back office and the application needs to function and see how we can match those two in a good way

Jérémy: As UX Designers, we are working as you as you designer, you are working every day with the developers, with the front-end & back-end because what we are doing is, of course very important for them.

Gerrit: Okay, what are the new challenges? (…) What are the new challenges and trends today, when it’s involving or with a focus on the UX design? Where are we going through what is the new strategies? What are the new trends and technologies?

Jérémy: I think the first step will be to bring clarity in the UX design field itself. Otherwise, I think it’s something that will continue to be misunderstood. But to answer to the question was specifically we are on the very beginning of the possibilities of UX design. It’s quite new. So I think there is still a lot to do. And at this stage, they are, let’s say, a good example: you can find a lot of UI templates (charts etc…) So those kinds of tools are really helping the UX designer in the job, that maybe maybe the future of the UX design is going to be able to tell what works and what doesn’t.

UX Design is part of an agile approach that allows UX designer to build digital product that respect good practices in terms of designs & ergonomics (…) It really allows us to optimize the efficiency of the product before developing it.

Jérémy Goldyn

Jérémy: You see, because today,, and you need a human to do to do the job. But I think because you design is really, it’s a scientist, it’s a science. I think tomorrow you can build some tools that can really help the UX designer making a better job. And I’m thinking about Hotjar, for example. So it’s a tool that can track the user behavior. So you can see where people are clicking, how they’re moving the mouse journey, basically. And so I think tomorrow, developing this kind of tools is the future. So developing special tools that will help the UX designer taking better decision.

Gerrit: How do you think if we think about tomorrow, the job of UX designer will be changing? If you take in consideration that today, you know, we’re still predominantly using mobile devices. (…) But there is a huge shift, obviously, to voice to visual to augmented reality to virtual reality to a new type of interfaces that involve AI. So how would that impact a UX designer? (…) So where do you see the challenge for someone of your role where that is going be a big shift? Or is it just the natural next thing?

Jérémy: I think it is just the natural next thing, because UX user experience is about experience, you see. So it doesn’t matter if it is voice or visual. It is the way you bring something from point A to point B. And for that you have to use all the rules, as we discussed before.

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