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Does your Data Architecture support your current and future analytics needs? Are you going back and forth, wondering whether the best solution is a data warehouse or a data lake? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?

How to build the next generation Data Lake

Modern Cloud Data Platforms are making this choice easier, by bringing the best of both worlds. Embracing both data management paradigms, we are challenging the conventional methods in our webinar, presented with our partner Snowflake.

Challenge conventional methods with a Cloud Data Platform

What you’ll capitalize with this video which you can now watch again in replay:

  • Introduction to modern Cloud Data Platforms
  • Deep-dive into success stories & business cases
  • Answer to the 3 WHY’s: Why change? Why this solution? Why now?
  • 20 minutes interactive Q&A session
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With more than 12 years in the data & digital consulting industry Luka is now responsible for a team of pre-sales experts and is leading consulting and pre-sales engagements for a prominent set of customers in the domain of data innovation. With his team, Luka…

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