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In times of uncertainty, Data and AI are the guarantee to improve your future enterprise performance. The 7 hot topics #Data of this 5th edition, all marked by the global crisis, are the solutions for the performing company. What are specifically the trends and topics to track in 2021? Here our videos to find out the answers with images. Discover the new edition of the 7 Data Hot Topics of the Year! The program : Data platforms, AI for business, Data Governance… let’s go! Happy New Year everyone 🙂

1. Data Platforms

Cloud, gas pedal of data and AI transformation

The cloud is bringing a breath of fresh air to enterprise data platforms.

Agility for analytics, computing power for AI and containerization for DataOps industrialization are the driving forces behind these new platforms.

Pay-per-use allows iterative development and pay-as-you-grow budgeting approaches.

Hybrid and multicloud architectures support all strategies and make the cloud the new Eldorado for enterprise data and AI platforms.

2. AI for business

Algorithms, at the heart of business processes

AI unleashes its full value by being integrated into the company’s applications and business processes.

Hyperpersonalization of the customer experience, logistics optimization, automation and business prediction are some of the use cases to prioritize

Enterprise data platforms must evolve to support algorithms and process data in real time.

These challenges will accelerate with the age of industrial data, boosted by connected objects and 5G.

3. Data Governance

Mastering data patrimony to enhance its value

Data is at the heart of the transformation of companies and their mastery is essential to their development.

Governance brings together organizations, processes and technologies to master data at the enterprise scale.

Documentation, traceability, collaboration, quality and value creation are the main assets of these solutions.

Governance allows you to take ownership of your data assets to increase their value.

4. Data Sovereignty

Security is the bulwark of sovereignty

The massive use of American cloud services is raising concerns in Europe.

Invalidation of the Privacy Shield and the rise of the Cloud Act increase the risk of loss of sovereignty.

The European response is organized with the GAIA-X initiative, which brings together trusted Cloud services.

Given these issues, we must not neglect encryption and data security, which are the ultimate bulwarks of our sovereignty.

5. Data & AI Transformation

The challenge of training and acculturation

Harnessing data and AI involves a real transformation of the business.

The new data professions require continuous training efforts for 📈data analysts, 🧠data scientists, ⚙data engineers, 📋data owners, 🔗data stewards.

Data is everyone’s business and AI is changing activities and work methods throughout the organization.

Awareness-raising and culture change actions must be carried out throughout the company to accompany this transformation.

6. AiOps and Process Mining

IS logs as a source of performance

The IS logs are the source of the AIOps and process-mining usages.

AIOps puts AI at the service of IT to automate operations, supervise the IS and improve cybersecurity.

Process mining allows the analysis and optimization of business processes throughout the organization.

IS log data is an under-exploited source that can reveal significant value for the company.

7. The Ecosystem Company

The rise of data marketplaces

Unleashing the data potential can be a source of process fluidity, creativity and productivity for organizations.

This internal, and eventually external, data potential is based on data marketplaces.

It establishes a documented view of the data sets and gives controlled access to authorized users.

Data sharing and data marketplaces are the backbone of the “ecosystem” enterprise, which places data at the heart of its performance.

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