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Many organizations already initiated their digital transformation or at least already thought about it for several reasons (legal purpose or business model changes). To complete successfully their digital transformation Data Governance is a must. But what does it mean concretely? What are the challenges to implement Datagov strategy and what is the best approach?

Data  Governance

To ensure a sustainable and successful Digital transformation, Data Governance is key as it is defined as « the orchestration of company resources to ensure that data is managed as an asset and that value is extracted from it ».  However several strategies can be used to implement data governance and depend on many different criteria.  In today’s webinar we are comparing and discussing about the approaches taken by business when implementing Data Governance.

The challenges to implement your Datagov strategy

What we will discuss in this webinar:

  • Why Data Governance is a must for all companies to successfully complete their digital transformation
  • What are the Data Governance challenges
  • What are the strategies we can adopt when implementing a Data Governance for a company. We will compare different strategies: the traditional Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches with their pros and cons
  • The hybrid approach for a Data Governance implementation, combining the advantages of the two (Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches) while mitigating their drawbacks.
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Active in French-speaking Switzerland, I advise and help companies in the definition and implementation of their transformation to manage their data as an asset. For more than 20 years, I’ve been working to bring together IT and business teams around data management mainly in the…

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