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Data has become what we can call a “digital lifeblood” for many companies. Following the same image as oil, Data needs to be extracted, stored, and transformed to create value for companies. In this webinar, Meint de Vries & Dan Iyayi, Data Governance experts at Business & Decision & Orange Business Services, will define the practical steps to put data at the center of your company and how to manage them as an asset.


Becoming a data-centric company: from data value to Data Governance!

Today, traditional companies do not maximize the value of their data even though 12% of Data is business critical usually. Most of the time Data is scattered making it difficult for companies to exploit their data assets. Practically all the main reasons why companies do not use their data are: lack of tools to capture data, a large amount of data and not enough analytics, incomplete or missing data…

So how to correctly manage your data assets? Discover in this on-demand webinar the main steps you need to take to become a data-centric company.

You will learn in this free webinar:

  • What is the value of Data?
  • Data Centric versus Data Driven
  • Data Governance key principles: What, Why & How
  • Best practices to implement your Data Governance strategy Now!
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