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We all know we should do it but how?  Building a business case for a Data Governance initiative is not easy.  And without it, getting any initiative started and funded will be a hard sell. In this webinar to replay, you will understand the main drivers of Data Governance within companies and how these can be translated to a quantified business case.

Building the Data Governance business case

Why building a Data Governance business case?

Building a Data Governance business case documents with pros, cons and benefits will help you to sell the initiative within your organization but also ensure an alignment between many different stakeholders. Besides, a strong and good business case will facilitate the change acceptance and to move in a same direction. Then a Data Gov business case will help you to measure the success of the initiative and to show it. In this recorded webinar we will get through different key points:

  • How to clearly define the data strategy within your company. Is it an offensive or defensive strategy?
  • What makes a successful Data Governance business case (Vision, Issues, Costs, Risk, Benefits)
  • How to quantify your benefits
  • We will finish with some key advices when you are preparing your Data Governance business case
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