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This Big Data white paper, entitled “From Big Data to Big Busine$$”, is available for free download. The whitepaper demonstrates the relevance of Big Data in today’s business environment.

We are now out of the experimentation phase, and are entering into the everyday implementation and usage of Big Data by marketing and in other disciplines (Finance, Logistics, Prevention, Technical…).

Why a white paper about Big Data?

[WHITE PAPER] From Big Data to Big Busine$$

Big Data literature abounds. A sure sign that its momentum’s importance is one that is strongly felt by the market as a whole and across the world. However, even in cases where documentation is of high quality, it is usually mostly descriptive in nature and focused on exaggerated, near-apocalyptic concerns associated with the exponential growth in data and data sources. These approaches do not help understand the real challenges posed by Big Data or how companies can exploit them.

Even though, at this point, it is hard to predict what the future holds, we are convinced that Big Data will impact heavily on companies and civil society in a number of increasingly changing ways. By rapidly “cutting their teeth” on Big Data, currently still in infancy, businesses will not only master the phenomenon, but also learn, how to make the most of it.

The aim of this white paper is to provide companies with key insights that will help them approach Big Data, not as a “mythology”, but as a powerful performance optimization tool that can be adapted to their specific contexts.
We hope that this will help readers lay, or maybe even validate, the foundations for a smooth, controlled integration of Big Data into their company’s ecosystem.

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Diplaxmi Le 04 June 2016 à 14h21
Nice post . excellent work ,gives exact information about the topic .Love to read more from you.