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The words Digital and Big Data, are no more just concepts and ideas but are omnipresent in all scenarios of personal and professional life. Here is a short video presentation created by Business & Decision that portrays the changes and effects brought about by new technologies in everyday life.

Observations from the video clip

An active man, wearing his connected watch,
A woman in an outdoor cafe in a tree-lined square checking Facebook on her smartphone,
A family driving a connected vehicle,
A hacker that tries to break into an ATM (and is caught on camera),
A user who buys a pair of shoes on an e-commerce site on her computer…

Every moment, data is generated and joins the vast expanse of data in an uncontrollable data universe. A huge ‘Digital Transformation’ dam contains the flood of data and channels it in a structured and controlled manner that provides nourishment in growing the majestic tree….. then you realize that it’s not just the tree this river of data feeds but an entire city of information.. just like a river!

Business & Decision, on its part, supports its clients in this endeavor to organize and analyze this data commonly known as Big Data.

Technical Details :

La Transformation Digitale mise en scène

Digital Transformation at a glimpse

Design : HEREWECAN  
Creative Director : Aldric Foucault
Illustration : Antoine Corbineau – Talkie Walkie
Animation : Blackmeal 
Sound : Cerutti Audio Design
Duration : 30 secondes


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