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I recently attended a seminar on data discovery, mobility and social networking. I came away with a couple very clear points – seemingly obvious, so perhaps you already get it.

1. People don’t trust data, they trust people.

You’ve narrowed your search on Google or Bing for the restaurant or hotel for your upcoming vacation. But then you reach out to someone you know who’s been there, someone whose opinion you trust. This is how we gather information and make decisions.

There are 5 million results on Google for “Business Hotel” in Denver (I’m pretty sure there aren’t that many hotels in Colorado). Isn’t it nice to have someone recommend a hotel based on their experience and firsthand knowledge of the area?

2. The iPad (tablet) is changing how businesses are innovating.

Most iPads that are being used for business were not purchased by the business, but rather by the employee. iPads are not typically supported by IT. Want new functionality on your iPad – do it yourself. See what happens when the CEO gets an iPad. Things begin to change, initiatives are driven from the top down. President Obama has a BlackBerry… It’s now secure. It wasn’t standard issue by the Secret Service.

So what do these points have to do with? The fact is, we are on the edge of a major shift in technology, how we use it, and what it can do for us. In fact – we are over the edge. The shift is upon us, and we need to be able to take advantage of small screens, medium screens and big screens, and the access to information anytime, anywhere.

Andrew Fletcher, Ex-VP of B&D North America, leads B&D North America’s BI Service Line and is responsible for BI strategy, project delivery and sales support. With more than 25 years of experience leading sales and technical teams for diverse organizations from start-ups to the Fortune…

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