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The year 2017 looks promising, more than ever driven by Data. What are specifically the trends and topics to track? Here is a video to find out the answers with images. Watch here!

1. Connected objects: The real data revolution

Connected objects capture information from day-to-day activities of people and machines.

The data is collected in real-time, without any manual action.

Exploiting such data makes connected objects more intelligent, and their usage becomes revolutionary.

Product experience, Industry 4.0, e-Health, smart city or mobility… so many new topics to tackle.

2. Artificial Intelligence: Business activator

Algorithms are useful at every level of an organization.

First used by marketing, they’re now being generalized to all functions.

To fight against fraud, predict activity, create new services, optimize processes… their usages are unlimited.

Data Scientists and their algorithms are shaping tomorrow’s world.

3. Real-time customer journey personalization: Sales booster

Personalization of customer journey and of websites and mobile apps, this is the marketing’s killer-app!

Geo-tracking, DMP, Tag Management and analytics to master the omni-channel customer journey.

Real-time recommendation engines and machine learning for personalization.

With appropriate technologies, enterprises considerably increase their sales.

4. Data Centric Information System: Design architecture for the Digital era

Big data technologies favour the data as a valuable asset of the organization

These technologies are now mature enough to become industrialized

The thought process on global system architecture must place the data at the centre of the IS

Data-centric IS are agile and ready to accelerate digital transformation

5. Self-service data: Give the power to the business

Free access to data by business departments creates value for the whole organization.

The self-service tools are at maturity for generalization.

4 families of tools: data preparation, data discovery, data visualization and data science.

Self-service brings direct value to business departments and lighten the load of IS department.

6. Data Governance: Mastering the organization’s usages

The opening of data throughout the organization creates value but the mastering of their usage is unconditional.

Security, quality, relevancy or ethics of the usages must be controlled.

Agile data governance is required in the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence era.

Data Stores and Data Lineage are the support of this agile governance.

7. General Data Protection Regulation: Privacy as an opportunity

New european regulation on privacy is coming into force in may 2018.

GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) defines a strict frame for the security and the usage of data.

Compliance is an opportunity to coordinate and structure the initiatives around data.

2017 is the key-year for preparing the projects regarding the adoption of this regulation.

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