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Specialising in data and digital services, Business & Decision is a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and CRM, and a major player in e-Business. Business & Decision operates in 9 countries and employs over 2,500 people in France and worldwide. To know more about Business & Decision, visit our websites : Business & Decision | Business & Decision Belgium | Business & Decision Netherlands | Business & Decision Luxembourg | Business & Decision Switzerland | Business & Decision Spain | Business & Decision Mauritius | Business & Decision Tunisia | Business & Decision France

Big Data & Digital Blog

Big Data and Digital Transformation are the topics of many publications, they appear as new themes, highly scalable… It is necessary to explanation these practices through demonstrations, practical application demonstrations, and use cases. To allow us to discuss these topics and to stay connected with news, Business & Decision has launched its Blog. Frequently fed by experts around the world, the articles cover all disciplines and technologies , with a systematic link up to Big Data or Digital Transformation: Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining, Statistics, Machine Learning, Hadoop, NoSQL databases, security, search and recommendations, social media, marketing, web analytics, CRM, mobility… This blog is intended for all IT, Digital, statistical and marketing professionals who want to learn, exchange and debate around these issues. Again, we welcome you here and wish you good reading !