Big Data Leads Companies into a New Era

The world of Business is beginning to realize the potential of an inexhaustible commodity that has been neglected until now: the Big Data.

Why the Internet of Things Does Not Exist

With the emergence of new “big words” such as Big Data and Internet of Things, we feel that we are at the dawn of a new era, but is this craze legitimate?

La méthode Scrum pour un marketing agile

Agile Marketing Feeds Smart Technologies

Agile marketing is not just about speed and flexibility. Agile marketing has a lot of attention right now as many […]

Healthcare and Big Data

Over the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have been aggregating years of research and development data into medical databases, while in […]

Where does your customer experience begin?

Data collection and data analysis are important pieces of our strategy to improve the experience our customers have with our […]

Welcome and congrats !

Welcome to the Big Data & Digital Blog by Business & Decision

CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME On the Big Data & Digital Blog !   Big Data and Digital Transformation are the topics […]

The Customer Experience Moment

You may not have noticed it. It happened slowly, subtly. Then, everywhere you turn, people are talking and writing about […]

Five Ways Technology Drives Collaboration

I’ve been working a lot with Infor solutions over years and recently came across this article. Business collaboration is more […]

Driving the Customer Experience with Big Data

Having worked in technology and with technologists for the past twenty years, I find myself every now and then getting […]

Preparing for the Technology Shift – What Size Is Your Screen?

I recently attended a seminar on data discovery, mobility and social networking. I came away with a couple very clear […]