From the data lake to the agile data warehouse: decision-making in the big data era

How can the data lake be combined with a data warehouse that already serves as the real keystone of the business’s acquired holdings of structured data?

Data: 7 hot topics for 2017

The year 2017 looks promising, more than ever driven by Data. What are specifically the trends and topics to track? Here is a video to find out the answers with images. Watch here!

Sales Transformation in a Digital World

Whitepaper “Sales Transformation in a Digital World”

The whitepaper “Sales Transformation in a Digital World” focuses specifically on the renewed role of CRM in the context of adapting to the new Journey standards.

L'échange de valeur avec le client : le cœur de l’entreprise

The Customer Value Exchange: The Heart of a Company

At the conceptual core of every company there beats a heart that keeps the company alive. This heart is the […]

Big Data Blog Series: Part 1, Defining Big Data

The Big Data blog series will explore the definitions of Big Data, business benefits, requirements & readiness, tools & technologies, […]

VIDEO: Soccer Player Predicted As Top Rising Star – Back In November

Did you know that Big Data can help us predict who the future soccer stars will be? This is precisely […]

Digital began the break with traditional models of business organization.

Digital transformation, a key for business competitiveness

Digital transformation has an obvious impact on overall business performance. This article reviews some key themes (business model, organization, change management) to address the transformation.

Le hackathon en Data Science, hacka-quoi ?

Data science hacka-what? Hackathon!

The organization of a hackathon is increasingly common and is involved in business innovation. Don’t worry: it is not about hacking our customer servers!

white paper "From Big Data to Big Busine$$"

Big Data white paper: “From Big Data to Big Busine$$” – free

Business & Decision experts presents a new Big Data white paper entitled “From Big Data to Big Busine$$”. The book is available in free download in this article.

How Big Data is Changing the World of (Daily Fantasy) Football

Did you know that athletes are not only monitored by cameras on stadiums, but also by many quirky devices such […]