Social selling: Using LinkedIn to boost sales

The use of social networks by professions has increased so fast in recent years that a new discipline, social selling, has rapidly emerged to become a key tool in B2B.

Geolocalisation of precision in interior where are we really

When we talk about geolocation we immediately think of GPS and all the services it has enabled for over 20 […]

Retail : 10 conseils pour améliorer l'expérience d'achat

10 tips to improve the shopping experience

Against a background of ever-keener commercial competition, the shopping experience has become one of the new differentiating features. The shopping […]

Quand le digital sauve des vies

When digital saves lives

In mainland France, more than 6 million people are deaf, hearing-impaired, or have speech difficulties caused, for example, by stroke […]

Progressive Web Apps : la révolution du Web mobile ?

How are Progressive Web Apps upsetting mobile use?

The “mobile web” (access to the web from a smartphone) overtook the “desktop web” in terms of volume more than a […]

4 bonnes pratiques pour collecter les données digital

Optimise data gathering for successful digital marketing

Businesses must now coordinate omni-channel campaigns to offer a connected experience in real time, with an agile approach to content.

Géomarketing, discipline encore loin d’être à maturité ?

Geomarketing: how can you fully exploit its potential?

Although geomarketing is currently regularly used in businesses, it is almost always badly or under-exploited. How can we put that right?

Understanding the Beacon in action and its innovative uses

Beacons are often very innovative, and try to meet needs that other technologies cannot currently satisfy.

Comment utiliser Twitter pour optimiser les conversions vers un site e-commerce ?

Twitter: 12 tips for optimising conversions on your e-commerce site

Any self-respecting marketer knows that communication campaigns on the social networks are a major contributor to generating traffic and optimising conversions on e-commerce sites. So you were thinking about Twitter? Excellent idea!

L'Open innovation est bien plus qu'un terrain de jeu à ciel ouvert

Open innovation is far more than an open air playing field

Why do some business opt for open innovation, giving away some of their knowledge without expecting anything in return (at first sight, at least)? What do they actually have to gain from this strategy?