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The year 2018 looks promising, more than ever driven by Data. What are specifically the trends and topics to track? Here our videos to find out the answers with images: Data Security, Chatbots, GDPR, Data Science… Watch here!

1. Data Security

Protect a major enterprise asset

Data leaks keep growing and affect all organizations

While 69% of data loss is due to employees, external threats are to be taken seriously

With GDPR regulation, security issues become essential if personal data is at stake

In the last few years, the CIOs have focused on application security, they must now address data security

2. Chatbots and Conversational agents

Transform the experience and engagemen

The chatbot is the first significative business application of artificial intelligence

Its capacity to understand and communicate in natural language revolutionizes our perception and the usage of digital interfaces

Self-learning, it feeds from data and from its own experience to perfect itself as time goes by

From customer experience to support services, through access to information, its applications are multiple

3. Traceability of information

Master you Data capital

The democratization of data access and usage in the enterprise is underway

Establishing data governance and organization-wide information management becomes a must

Metadata management allows the end-to-end traceability, from data sourcing to data consumption

This traceability is required for personal data by regulations such as GDPR

4. Monetization of data

Innovate to harvest the full value of data

Data held by companies is a real treasure that reveals its value by creating new services

Monetization is about data selling, but is foremost the creation of new digital products and services that are fostered by data

These new services are the key differentiators of the most innovative companies

Service Design is the best approach to innovate and create new data monetization applications

5. Data Science

Create tailored algorithms

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence extend widely their field of action in the enterprise

Algorithms are becoming more powerful and feed on ever richer and more accurate data

All sectors and all functions benefit from optimizing their processes and enriching their decisions through Data Science

For maximizing the benefit, enterprises should create tailored algorithms, optimized for their specific needs


The regulation comes into force

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), surrounding personal data, comes into force the 25th of May 2018

It establishes a strict framework for the exploitation of European’ citizens data

Compliance is a business transformation project that must start with a global inventory

Data governance and security, processes review, legal works, and change management are at the core of the compliance process

7. Data in the Cloud

Accelerate innovation with Cloud architectures

Cloud architectures are developing for the storage and the exploitation of Big Data

Availability, elasticity, computation power, advanced algorithm integration, and usage-based billing are the main advantages of these solutions

Cloud platforms allow to simplify and optimize the exploitation of complex architectures, while reducing the global cost

New services, fueled by data, such as those of connected objects, are built in the Cloud

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