Big Data

Big Data: uses the “Next Best Thing” for data collection

In 2012, IDC, a global leader in the field of IT and telecoms and BI, published a study called “THE […]

What if the Initial Promise of the Web was, in fact, a Lie?

The initial promise of digital, at the time when it is still called web, was simple, clear and unstoppable.

Retail online

Retail: Personalized Services to Generate Customer Confidence

Retail and customer knowledge, boosted by e-commerce In recent years, the Internet and e-commerce have revolutionized the retail market. Beyond […]

BI vs Big Data

Business Intelligence versus Big Data: Intelligent Information

This article addresses choosing between the use of Business Intelligence technologies or Big Data for processing information.

Tutoriel : Installer soi-même un cluster Hadoop (1 nœud)

Tutorial: How to Install a Hadoop Cluster

You have read many articles on Hadoop and now you want to get familiar with it, but how do you install and apply this new technology? The recommended approach is to install a turnkey virtualized machine supplied by a major publisher.

Avec le Big Data, l'entreprise entre dans une nouvelle ère

Big Data Leads Companies into a New Era

The world of Business is beginning to realize the potential of an inexhaustible commodity that has been neglected until now: the Big Data.

Hello Barbie de Mattel, l'objet connecté des enfants qui fait scandale

Why the Internet of Things Does Not Exist

With the emergence of new “big words” such as Big Data and Internet of Things, we feel that we are at the dawn of a new era, but is this craze legitimate?

Healthcare and Big Data

Over the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have been aggregating years of research and development data into medical databases, while in […]

Welcome and congrats !

Welcome to the Big Data & Digital Blog by Business & Decision

CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME On the Big Data & Digital Blog !   Big Data and Digital Transformation are the topics […]

Driving the Customer Experience with Big Data

Having worked in technology and with technologists for the past twenty years, I find myself every now and then getting […]